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Greetings & Welcome to my Website!

Family aside, the greatest passions in my life are Music, Art, Food & The Great Outdoors. Not necessarily in that order. It all depends on what I'm hungriest for at any particular moment. I absolutely love to listen to music although I'm not a good musician. I'm a respectable artist, consider myself a good cook and, well, I haven't fallen off a cliff or been eaten by bears. Not yet, anyway.

Ever since I was a kid I've had a creative side. I loved to draw cartoons. Fred Flintstone, QuickDraw McGraw, Charlie Brown & Snoopy. As a teenager, I must admit, I was even guilty of graffiti art (hey, I grew up in the Frog Hollow section of Hartford, CT). I like the term “creative vandalism". In high school my favorite courses were in Art. This prompted me to study Graphic Design in college. It was in college that I discovered an interest in pen & ink drawings, specifically architectural renderings. At the time, I was greatly influenced by the late Richard Welling. I also found that I had an affinity for what I like to call "working" boats. Once I discovered watercolors & oil paints, it exposed me to new possibilities. What once took countless ink lines to create tone & depth, was accomplished with the quick sweep of a brush. In recent years, my love of nature & the great outdoors has led me to focus primarily on such subjects. Also, some of the great places that I've visited while vacationing.

I'd encourage everyone to listen to LIVE music whenever possible, go to art exhibits or museums for inspiration, cook award-winning dishes and go fishing, climb a mountain, ride a bike or something similar. Do any & all of these things with family & friends. Quite simply, enjoy what life has to offer. Smell the roses!

As you peruse my collection of art, I hope you find something that you enjoy and that stimulates you to do something creative, too.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. In case you're wondering how I pronounce it, it's.......pap-SIT-suh. There.

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